Revitalising Challenge

Theme:Revitalising Challenge.

Date: 10 July 2013

Attendance: 16

On 10 July 2013 is the beginning of the new term. With a new beginning, one must always take time to rethink and take the challenges ahead. Therefore the theme for the meeting is “Revitalizing challenges.” Trough out life, challenges is always looping around but we need to constantly revitalise ourselves to face the challenges ahead.

The meeting start at 7:27 pm, which is 3 minute earlier than our meeting. Drum roll, being a always Malaysia Time club, this is significant improvement and I believed all of us will preserves to make a new habits.

The club presentation speech is our newly elected president, Desmond Foo. He told us every new term is a new challenge and we need to revitalise to face challenge ahead. However, every time we reface the challenge not as new but more experiences. Kudos to our president who set a fiery mood for the meeting.


Next is our TME who is our VPE, Jerusha take over. Being charming lady, she detail explains the conduct the meeting. She set a safe environment and yet able to keep the fire set by our president to continue the meeting with fire and passion to learn.


The table topic master Vicky set an editorial based table topic where our speaker play the role of bring an editor column. The brave editor include Victor whose topic is on a worker who had been retrench, our guest Adrianna on work at home, Soo Qi on reader whose parent ask to find boy/girlfriend , Pek Yee on feely guilty cause people treat you nicely and Desmond on Career Ruth. Each editor had answer question in logically yet humorously way.


Our table topic evaluator is the president Bryan from Help University, who give his first table topic eval

uation. Even though his 1st time, yet he give lik

e a pro speaking of the strong and point of imp


rovement for every ed



Our humour master is our club Victor Cheong, whotickle our bone with his recent publicity on promoting his company in youtube.


After a short break, hence start of the prepared speech section. 1st is our guest form Help University Toastmaster Jocelyn. Her speech is Competent Communicator project 4 How to say it with the title “Say Cheese”. Her speech teaches the importance to smile within instead for giving a fake smile, how does she solve her problem with smiles and importance of starting the day with a smile. Her cheesy speech makes us entertain with smile.


Next is your truly with the speech of advanced manual storytelling , Project 2 “Get Personal” with the title “ Adventure of M.A.D”. My speech is about a camp during college in Dusun Eco, Pahang and how Mr H who encourage me to finish the task ahead.


The final speaker is Hui Pei who is long break on her advanced manual the speech to inform, project 1 the Speech to inform. Her title is on “The Nutritional Guide to Healthy Living.” She shared on the stuff she passionate at, which is nutrition. She also compares the older generation and current generation living style. It was very informative and educational.


Next up is our GE all the way from Sunway University college toastmaster, the second V Victor Ong to conduct the session.

Our list of evaluator includes Desmond, Victor and our area governor Ron who fly all the way form another club installation. Each gives insightful feedback and truthful improvement to make our speaker to strike to reach better of ourselves.

Our core evaluator, Grammarian , Hui Pei, Ah-countant, Soo Qi and time keeper, your truly, perform diligently and take down the task been given.

Our GE, Victor Ong who gives an very insightful feedback and share with us his passion of being toastmaster. He so passionate that he counts his day of being a toastmaster and every role he plays before. This is something that everyone must learn to gain more of the toastmaster session.

Our meeting end with the closing address form our president Desmond and award is given.

The award as following:

Best Table Topic: Adrianna

Best Speaker: Jocelyn

Best Evaluator: Ron

Hence that all for our 1st 2013/2013 term meeting and hope to see you soon in next meeting.





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