Day Raya di Day Malaysia

Written by Jerusha

As Malaysia is a country rich with many cultures and festivals, we, at CIMA (M) Toastmasters always make full use of each festival to celebrate at our meetings. It definitely spices up the atmosphere of the meetings and fosters better appreciation of the beautiful cultural diversity in Malaysia.

On the 5th of September, the theme of of the meeting was “Day Raya di Day Malaysia”. A unique phrase coined by none other than Desmond Foo, ever capable Mr. VPE.

It was an evening filled with the colours red, blues, yellows, whites and greens. Yes, we were celebrating our country’s Independence day and also Hari Raya Aidildfitri.

Yours truly was the TME and I was a little nervous and very excited. Nervous because the first half of the meeting was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia (BM), to keep in the spirit of the theme.  Even though I had a speech prepared, there were still fumbles as I had not spoken fluent BM for almost 6 years! Thankfully, I was amidst an audience who were almost as nervous as I was.

But this not deter us one bit. We all helped one another out if we were stuck for Malays words whilst speaking. Our rusty BM vocabulary was made up for by plenty of humor, laughter and encouragement throughout the evening.

The first session of the meeting i.e. the ‘Sesi Topik Spontan’ was handled by the “BM expert”, Desmond Foo. We had 7 volunteers who didn’t need much coaxing to take up the challenge of speaking off the cuff in BM. Desmond used excerpts of patriotic and Raya songs as topics and posed a related question to the speaker. Very creative, indeed! In fact, Mr. GE, Lim Thian Seng was very impressed and said he will use the the same concept in his club too.


Of the 7 speakers, some were very fluent with the language and some struggled a little. But as our Miss TTE, Sharmini summed up beautifully was that everyone tried and that’s whats important! The winner of the ‘Sesi Topik Spontan’ was Mr. President himself, Ron, who wowed us like a true politician with his 2 minute impromptu speech about Malaysia.  Perhaps, one day we will really see him giving speeches to the entire nation? 

The  2nd and 3rd session i.e. Prepared Speeches and Evaluation sessions were conducted in English. Phew, back to the comfort zone! Funnily enough, many of us kept speaking in BM to each other!

We had 2 speakers for the night who both hailed from Sunway University Toastmasters. 

Our 1st speaker was Andrew, who attempted CC #2 Organize Your Speech with his speech titled “The Power of Music”. As music knows no boundaries and appeals to most people, his speech kept the audience very interested. He told us of the many ways music could affect our moods,  feelings and even our productivity at work. He was clearly a ‘Rock’ fan and told us many interesting facts about the subtle messages in rock music.

Zheng Lin, a Sabahan, was the 2nd speaker, attempted CC #7 Research Your Topic with his speech titled “Behind the Curtain”. He was clever enough to get us thinking about stage curtains but what he had in mind were shower curtains instead! As a Marketing student, he was very persuasive and definitely caught our attention. I’m sure some of us has since tried out the Scottish shower method with all of its promises for better health.

The evaluation session was a very productive and enlightening one as well. As they always say, ‘Evaluation is the breakfast of champions’. I’m sure we all learnt many things that evening especially about the usage of BM. A day may come where we may need to speak in BM, in front of a crowd. At least we can reminiscence back to this meeting and remember the various evaluations and rooms for improvement.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for coming, and helped make our ‘Day Raya di Day Malaysia’ themed meeting a success!

Another great meeting is just around the corner i.e. 19th September 2012, 7.30p.m at:

Lot 1.05, Level 1 
KPMG Tower 
8 First Avenue, Bandar Utama 
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan


Make sure you do not miss it!!  


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  1. Amboi! saya terlepas le!

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