Theme of the day: Learning

At our 2nd meeting in the new term, the theme “Learning” was very suitable as we learned many new things from the moment we walked into the new meeting room till the time the meeting ended. For starters, for those members who never ate with their hands before, we learned to eat with our hands or with cucumbers.

Next, Yoke Pheng who was Toastmaster of the Evening, had a different way of welcoming the guests. She had all the members stand up and go around shaking hands with our guests. I bet our guest felt very welcomed to be in our meeting that day.

This was followed by the Table Topics Session where the topics was from profound quotes by famous people around the world. Soo Qi who spoke about being the pilot of our time emerged as the best table topics speaker.

After that, we became students once again with Desmond being our General Knowledge teacher during the Humour Session. With so many enthusiastic students picking up their hands, I believe many of us passed the subjects. The funny answers also got us in stitches.

After the break, it was time for the Prepared Speeches session. The first speaker is none other than Lim Thian Seng who shared with us about his toastmasters journey. How he went from being a timid boy to the  person we know today. He also gave us some advice at the end such as “nobody can become me, except me.” And encouraged us to be ourselves when giving our speeches. He also told us to be careful with what we dream because all the time it will come true. In his case, he dreamed of having a magic pill so that he can be good at speaking in public and that magic pill came in the form of Toastmasters.

Following that, we had Ryder who joined the club in April and has now completed his 3rd speech. We learned from Ryder the right way to eat fruits. Facts that not many of us were aware about. Did you know that if we want to lose weight, it is advisable to have fruits before our meals so that we can feel full faster? And did you know that it is not good to consume too much fruits? Although fruits are low in calorie, consuming too much would be cause the calories to add up. Furthermore, if we only eat fruits, we will have deficient nutrients in our body.

The last speaker is none other than me. I told a well-known childhood story,  “Bluebeard” which about a wealthy man with a bluebeard who killed his wives shortly after marrying them.

Overall, the best speaker went to Lim Thian Seng. Well done!

This was followed by the evaluation session. We had a great team of evaluators led by GE, club sponsor Siva and they all gave very profound evaluation. The best evaluator went to Soo Qi. Congratulations, Soo Qi  for taking home not 1 but 2 awards that night.


Next meeting: 1st August, same time, same place. See you there!

Humour & Evaluation contest: 29 August 2012 (to be confirmed)

See you next month!



~ by cimatoastmaster on July 21, 2012.

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