Introducing the new exco

Dear fellow members and readers,

As we bid goodbye to the exco of 2011/2012 whose term ended on 30th June 2012. Let’s say hello to the new exco whose term starts on 2012/2013. They are (drum rolls please):

President: Chironjit Das 

VPE: Desmond Foo

VPM: Ryder Mah

VPPR: Vicky Pang

Secretary: Leong Soo Qi

Treasurer: Victor Cheong

SAA: Sin Hui Pei

Assistant SAA: Sharmini

IPP: Leong Soo Qi

After several joint meetings due to some renovation work going on at CIMA office, I’m looking forward to seeing the newly renovated CIMA office at our next meeting 18 July 2012.

We already have 3 very eager speakers who will be giving their prepared speeches next Wednesday. They are none other than Ryder, Vicky and Jerusha. 

I also received some good news from our VPE. Our club has already achieved 1 DCP point so far and we’re only two weeks into our new term. We earned 0.5 DCP because 5 of our exco members attended the TLI last Saturday and another 0.5 DCP because we submitted the new exco list on time.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our next meeting and have a great day!




~ by cimatoastmaster on July 10, 2012.

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