21st March 2012 Meeting + New members’ formal induction ceremony

Hi fellow readers and visitors alike! This evening meeting has very lively with bustling attendance of up to 28 members and guests and five enthusiastic speakers took part in the prepared speech marathon!

Desmond The Englishman took up the role as the TME and his strings of  jokes really made the whole meeting so vibrant and refreshed albeit the long run of tonight’s marathon. We have DTM Tham Chee Wah as the bubbly GE and DTM Dr Devi Menon & CC Aaron Lee, the President of KPMG Toastmasters, guests from TARC, UiTM joining us making tonight meeting a very wholesome one.

The first speaker, or runner in the marathon Vicky Pang told us a tale of a giant named Arthur and his gang of celebrating giant-friends and the origin of the chair in Edinburgh, Scotland as a result of Arthur the giant throwing the gigantic chair during his party when he got a little tipsy. Her folk tale was made impressive with colourful usage of vocal variety and body gestures and kept us all entertained.

The marathon went on with Kenneth, our guest from Monash TMC actually did his running back and forth during his speech when he eloquently shared the story of two mice from the book Who Move My Cheese that metaphorically represents the need for people to change and respond to change. His suaveness won the audiences’ approval to be crowned the Best Speaker of the night, good job!

Mei Yee came next with presentation for CC project #8: Get Comfortable With Visual Aids and this time she got all of us drooling, literally with a good researched topic of Instant Noodles. The one part of her presentation that left a deep impact within me was the sludge alike yellowish water leftover after boiling the instant noodle that I merrily consume all the time while making my 2-minute meal. Guess I better throw away the water next time!

The fourth marathon runner of the night was yours truly presenting my Advanced Communication Speeches by Management project #3 that aims to persuade and inspire the audience. Taking the role of HR Manager of a fictional organization my aim was to introduce the concept of 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, inspire my fellow fictional work mates to take up this initiative and persuade them to 3R actions.

Lastly came Shereen presenting her Advanced Communication Interpersonal Communication project #2 – The Successful Negotiator. Shereen with her collaborative partner Mei Foong has demonstrated the essence of a good negotiation (with hint of ‘taking care’ of the needs of people you need to negotiate with), not recommended people, so don’t try this out at work!

The new member of the family - (from left) Samuel, Afiq, Ryder

At the conclusion of the speech marathon, a special and historical event took place where 3 new members; Samuel Ding, Ryder Mah Wai Hoong and Afiq Hamizan took the oath of new members and was formally inducted as member of CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club. We are looking forward for a fruitful journey of learning and sharing with them to become a better speaker and leader.

Members and guests enjoying the good speeches

Until then, it was time to call it a day, the marathon has been exhilarating and fun and everyone went home that night feeling more learned and experienced than before. Until then take care and see you in the next meeting!

Steven Yong


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  1. What a night!

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