International Speech and Table Topics Contests 2012


Good day people! On 15 Feb 2012 CIMA (M) Toastmasters has successfully held the International Speech and Table Topics Contests. That night has been seen club contestant, senior and junior members alike bedazzled the audience with their impressive speeches and courageous attempt at the Table Topics.

This year contest has seen tremendously good respond from our club members where FIVE contestants are vying for the coveted title of Club International Speech Champion and SIX contestants will be contesting for the Table Topics contest.

The evening contests successes are made possible by a team of dedicated committee members lead by our beloved VPE CC Mei Foong with credits given to the role players as follow:

International Speech Contest Chair:  Vicky Pang Wei Qi

Table Topics Contest Chair: Sharon Lee

Chief Judge: Lim Thian Seng ACG, CL (Area B2 Governor incumbent)

Ballot counters: Mei Yee & Yvonne Loke

Timers: Lewin Ganesaratnam & Samuel Ding

SAAs: Rick Sim & Anna Chin


Million of thanks for all the role players for their efforts in making the contest a huge success for a good contest is only as good as the people who are running the show behind the curtains.

The contests took place in the CIMA Council meeting room (much grandeur setting!) as the normal venue was occupied for CPE training conducted by CIMA Malaysia, however the contest started to pick up pace and the heat of such an exhilarating contest is clearly felt by the audience, apart from  the fact that the air conditioning system is gradually shut down as the contest progresses leaving everyone basked in the heat of apprehension for the next contestant to impress them!

As role players, contestants and audiences begin to settle down, Vicky and Sharon gathered the contestants and briefed them the rules of contests with balloting for speaking turns being conducted as well. I must say that being a first timer in both the International Speech and Table Topics contests sure make the imaginary butterflies in my stomach jitter crazily looking for exits. Seeing all other contestant busily preparing before the briefing did heighten the tense in the air, they all seems so serious! Well, serious to perform their best and charm the audience with their vocal prowess.

The International Speech contests officially begins with the first contestant, ACS Victor Cheong shared with us the beauty of life and how this gift should not be taken for granted as the little ones deserved to live. Victor being an eloquent speaker charmed us with various trademark gestures that include climbing on the table as an attention grabber! Next our Madam President CC Soo Qi spoke to us about a long time friend that she shared the joys of playful time and good days growing up with and never fails to called her, “Yo! Soo Qi” whenever they met. The inspiring story shares with us the spirit of friendship that transcends race and religion. Indeed a beautiful anecdote and it reminded me of memories of having a true 1Malaysia friend back in the younger days.


The third speaker who is yours truly came on stage and started plucking an imaginary flower and pondering upon decision by the all known cliché of ‘left or right petals’ and shared with us about the how plans sometime go about themselves no matter how well we planned it and yet beautiful things emerged from the unexpected detours. I am actually relief to see some of my attempts at humour managed to loosen the strangulating air of such a tense competition among the audiences (Maybe I could give a shot for the Humorous Speech contest next year, double fingers crossed).  Moving to the fourth speaker, CC Chironjit mustered everyone attention with his resounding voice and a speech about channeling negative thoughts such as envy to become a positive motivation to succeed  in life and how one manage to change the world with curiosity. The final speaker CC Hui Pei spoke passionately with a flair of an experienced speaker and charmed the audiences and judges alike!

All the contestants spoken with flair and suaveness that really have all the judges scratching their heads awarding marks to determine the best speaker!

After the much needed rest came the much daunting and exhilarating Table Topics session. The 6 contestants that bravely took part in this two-minute stand up impromptu speech and they are CC Hui Pei, TM Vicky Pang, CC Desmond Foo, ACS Victor, CC Chironjit and yours truly. The title sounds like this, ”To Be Or Not to Be, What Can You Learn From this Quote” or something similar to that title.  All the speaker has performed well and they are on par with each other in terms of quality of speech and charmed the judges in only a mere 2 minutes, kudos and congratulations to all of you!

With that the IS and TT contests are officially over and a short break comes into place while waiting for the panel of judges to conclude the winners. The organizing chairperson CC Mei Foong took the opportunity to thank the role players and judges and presented them with certificates and a token of appreciation specially prepared in conjunction of the recent Valentine Day; a heart shaped pillow! Wow, certainly the club is full of love tonight for all!

And the moment that we all waited for finally arrives…

The winners of the 2011/12 CIMA Toastmasters International Speech & Table Topics Contests are…

International Speech:

Champion:  Leong SooQi
1st runner up: Victor Cheong
2nd runner up: Chironjit Das

Table Topics:

Champion: Sin Hui Pei
1st runner up: Victor Cheong
2nd runner up: Vicky Pang Weiqi

Congratulations to all of the winners! The contests have been a fierce one where all the winners and contestants alike never fail to charm the audience with their speech. And extra congratulation to Soo Qi for her triumph in the Area B2 International Speech Contest held recently where she emerged the Champion! Woooott!! All the best and may you fly the CIMA Toastmasters Club flag high in the Division level Contest on 24th March 2012 in the HELP Institute!

In the meantime, take good care people!

Signed out,

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