7th March 2012 Regular Meeting

Cheerful participants for the night!

By: Steven Yong, CC

It has been a long while since the blog is updated so when I checked the archive of CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters blog (blowing away dust *coughs*), the last entry on regular meeting was 3 months ago! That certainly does not mean the club has not organize any meeting ever since. Somehow I have mustered the strength to write on a refreshing blog entry for the 7th of March meeting after a long long hiatus from blogging.

Despite the shortage of club members, the meeting brazenly went on well albeit some adjustment to the agenda to accommodate the unforeseen shortcomings. However the plus point for tonight was having four gracious ladies from Crystal Toastmasters Club joining us for the meeting where 2 of them would be giving their CC speeches later.

The meeting started with yours truly as the acting Assistant SAA to call the meeting to order.  CC Lee Mei Foong delivering the Club Presidential Welcoming Address representing CC Soo Qi who is unable to join us due to heavy workload.

The meeting order has been slighted tweaked to allow ACB, CL Michelle Yip from KPMG Toastmasters to proceed with her Successful Club Series presentation on Mentoring as she could not stay with us throughout the whole meeting. She purposefully delivered the presentation and benefited us with the purpose and advantages of mentoring and how it could provide an enriching learning experience for both the mentor and the mentee. Unfortunately the presentation is cut short due to the 10-minute time limit or it would have been more insightful to see the whole presentation. Michelle was evaluated by ACG Tan Saw Bee from Crystal Toastmasters and being a veteran in Toastmastering, Saw Bee evaluated Michelle constructively and praised on her usage of anecdotes while presenting and provided critical feedback and piece of her wisdom (the word of the day!) to fill in the gaps for a better presentation.

Came next was our TME, Vicky Pang and she handled the introduction with a round of introduction by everyone in the floor and briefly talked about the history of Toastmasters. Vicky has been gutsy and MC-ed the rest of meeting with little if no sign of trepidation. Good job Vicky!

Next comes the much awaited Table Topics session led by the TTM, Mei Yee and she managed to steal everybody’s (including the speaker) attention with a set of topics that are tongue twisting, such as “It’s better to want what you have than to have what you want” for ACB, ALB Richard Yeow  (always the first volunteer for TT in our club!), while Vicky shared about “If you have a time machine, what will you go back and change?” and she firmly say NO to the time machine and prefer the way things have unwind for her for that make her who she is now. ACS Victor Cheong sung about Money Money Money and all the things that one can do with and what money could not do like buying could love, such a catchy TT by Victor indeed! Our guest Grammarian CC Steven Koh of KPMG Toastmasters gave a try on “Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worse” and entertained us with stories of great inventions that came as a result of people wishing to know or else we will still be living in stone age and lastly yours truly got a somehow easier topic of “Behind every successful man is a woman, do you agree with that?” and I would definitely agree that the best woman that has been all the while behind the string of my successes is my mother!

Our TT evaluator of the evening was ACG Saw Bee and she delivered a well rounded and hearty evaluation to all the TT volunteers and provided much wisdom for us to improve on our speech.

After the break session came two ladies from Crystal Toastmasters presenting their Competent Communication speeches with Tammy Lim presenting her speech project #7 Research Your Topic and her speech added extra aroma to tinge our sense where she presented to us “Coffee Speaks”. I must say that her speech makes me feel so awake despite feeling like dozing off after the break earlier. Tammy researched her topics well and presented to us trove of information regarding to making a cup of good coffee and ways of preserving its aroma. Little did I know that coffee is best drunk in a cone shaped cup until this evening.

The last speaker of the night shared with us about a much feared disease called dementia. Jennifer Pan even went as far as showing us a simple exercise that we all will mostly dismissed as a joke or trivial things; the finger-on-the-ear and squatting move. (Sounds familiar anyone, back in the primary school?) All of us are invited for this exercise and it was truly an eye opening session!

The General Evaluator took over the meeting after the prepared speech session and this evening we have a guest from MAS Finance Toastmasters ACS, ALB Emil Anthony and the speech evaluators ACS Victor for Tammy and ACB, CL Parasakti for Jennifer presented their evaluation and feedback for the respective speakers, followed by Grammarian Steven Koh, Ah-countant Richard and Timer Rick Sim of Faith Toastmasters with their reports.

Lastly Mei Foong presented Emil from MAS with a token of appreciation and the best Table Topics speaker is announced….drumrolls…..the best TT speaker is Victor!!

Victor also has something for the ladies tonight when he gave out chocolates during the refreshment session, a small gift for the ladies as tomorrow is the International Women’s Day, that was so kind and sweet of Victor!

Well the meeting has approached its end and after having good speeches, great fellowship and chocolates (for the ladies) it was time to bid adieu and see you all in the next meeting on 21st March where we will be having a prepared speech marathon! Wow I cannot wait for that meeting to come!

As usual, take care and cheers!


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