Chinese New Year themed meeting

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

As Chinese New year was just a week away, our Toasmaster of the Evening (TME) ACS, CL Sakti organised a Chinese New Year themed meeting where the dress colour of the meeting was red. The meeting was indeed a prosperous meeting as the Acting President mentioned that not only were the Immediate Past Presidents at the meeting but the Chartered President, Area Governor and Club Sponsor were present as well.

After the introduction by the TME, ACB,CL and our club Chartered President gave his Invocation speech. In his speech, he gave us hope. guidance and direction to make this year a dynamic year for Toastmasters. Moreover, he encouraged us to enjoy ever meeting and also to visit other clubs and for our two guests from UPM to join Toastmasters. He also added that with action there will be results. At the end of his speech, I feel motivated to complete my Competent Communicator Manual by the end of this year.

This was followed by the Table Topic Session conducted by ACB, ALB Cheah Ai Ling where the topics revolved around Chinese New Year such as favourite Chinese New Year food, how has the Year of the Rabbit been to them and so on. During this session, we do not only hear how CC Ron usually spend his Chinese New Year as he doesn’t celebrate it but also from the employer point of view, where ACG, CL Lim Thian Seng talked about the problems he faced as an employer with his creditors and debtors as Chinese New Year approaches.

After the break, ACS, CL Victor Cheong gave a speech from the Advanced Communicator manual titled “Where Leaders Are Made”. His speech gave insight about Toastmasters such as the courage to speak in public. He also shared how he grew to become a good speaker and that through Toastmasters where there are people to point of suggestions for improvement and to give feedback. He also added that there are 3Ps in being a good speaker. The 3Ps were Prepare, Practice and Present.

If you would like to ask effective questions and get the results you want, we have a workshop for that and it is happening on 25th February 2012, Saturday at our usual meeting venue. The speaker for this workshop for is Amy Wan who has been a trainer for more than 20 years. For more information or to purchase tickets please contact our President, Leong Soo Qi or VPE, Lee Mei Foong.

Hope you had a awesome Chinese New Year celebration and see you at our next meeting on 1st February 2012.



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