First meeting of 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

At our first toastmaster’s meeting of the year, our president CC Soo Qi started the meeting by wishing everyone a happy new year and introduced the guests which were DTM Leong Oi Wah, who was also our General Evaluator for that meeting, from MAICSA Toastmaster Club and Priscilla, who was one of our speakers from Faith Toastmaster Club. Then, she spoke about making new year’s resolutions and asked the audience thought-provoking questions like what were we last year? what would we like to be this year? and what would we like to achieve this time next year?

After that, our TME CC Chironjit got everyone to introduce themselves and also mentioned that the club was 8 years and 6 months old. CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club was established on 4 June 2003.

This was followed by the Table Topic Session, where ACB, CL Andy was the Table Topic Master. During this session, 6 brave souls came forward to speak. The theme was on colours. We had unexpected questions like “What colour would you choose for your bed?” as well as unexpected answers, for example, Victor who would like to paint his car rainbow colour and our guest Cheng Kiat who would like to paint his room purple. The best Table Topics Speaker goes to ACS Victor Cheong. Congratulations!

This was followed by the humour session. CC Desmond was asked by yours truly before the meeting started if he could be the humour master and he agreed without hesitating. He even managed to come up with 5 jokes and managed to get the audience laughing. Well done!

After the break, I gave my fourth speech from the CC manual and talked about my greatest fear, which is the fear of ghost. I started with telling the audience what I fear, followed by how this fear cripples me and ended my speech with how I overcome this fear. The next speaker was Priscilla from Faith Toastmaster Club who gave her fifth speech from the CC manual. It was very courageous of her to give her fifth speech outside her club for the first time. A feat that I would not even dare to do yet. Her topic was “When You Are Short Of Something.” She started with telling the audience her love for sports movie. This got us thinking of the sports movies that we watched like Jerry Maguire etc. Then she went on to add how these movies could inspire and motivate us. Like in the movies, the star player might get injured which is akin to setbacks in life. But we need to show endurance and patience to succeed.

Despite not having less than the usual numbers of members at the meeting, the meeting was still able to run smoothly and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. Now for some announcements:
1. Our next meeting will be held on 18th January 2012.
2. Our International Speech and Table Topics Contest will be held on 15th February 2012. Please inform our VPE CC Mei Foong if you would like to take part.

See you at our next meeting at our next meeting and to all our members sitting for their final exams, all the best in your exams!



~ by cimatoastmaster on January 5, 2012.

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