Dim the lights.. Its HALLOWEEN…………

Meeting on the 20th October 2010 (as reported by our able Blog Reporter, Mei Foong).

Attendance: 23 scary ToastMONSTERS!

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As Halloween is just peeking around the corner, we had our Scary Halloween meeting.

The meeting started with the refreshments prepared by our witch Ai Ling. The attendance was very good at this meeting with a wonderful 16 members and the remaining were our guests.

As our president was stuck in the traffic, our VPE Jerusha quickly took up the the role for the welcoming address. Then, came our Vampire Dinesh who gave a brief introduction about the theme for tonight.

Next up, Jerusha, the Pocahontas, took over the table topic session. The lights were dimmed and out came a little torch light! We had 4 “creatures” who volunteered and they were Richard, Foo, Sean and I. We were asked to take the little torch light and use it to point to anyone that we would like them to make the sound effects we desired in our impromptu speech. With the lights was all off and just that little torch light,  plus with sounds made by some ” creatures”, our hearts were beating very fast.

After the table topic topic session, we had an ” Angel Sakti”, our table topics evaluator, who came all the way from heaven to give some feedback for the “creatures”. After this, Vampire Dinesh shared with us his little jokes on Halloween before we took a short break.

Moving to the assignment speeches, today we had Steven was doing his first speech. The Ice Breaker! Congrats Steven! He shared with us that he came from the town of satay, Kajang and he was currently studying in Tar College (TARC) pursuing Advance Diploma Management Accounting. Our second speaker was myself. I shared about the best gift. What is the best gift do you think you can give to your family especially your parents? Is silver or gold? No, it is neither silver or gold but it is a simple phone call. Why? This is because a phone call telling your family that you are fine, they can sleep well. We are just like pearls in our palm of our parents, they always wants us to live well in life.

Our last speaker today is our Vampire Dinesh. His speech title was ” Confrontation: Adversary Relationship”. Now that he has finished this speech, Dinesh now has gained “Advance Communication Bronze”. Congratulations to Dinesh! Well done!

Next came the moment of the evaluation session, we had Yi Hoong, Michelle Yip and Richard Yeow to evaluate the three assignment speakers. I’m sure we all learnt a lot from their evaluations.

Then, our GE Nancy Liew, President of the vibrant D’Utama Toastmasters introduced the other role players today before she gave her report. Thank you very much Nancy for being so gracious and lovely. We loved your presence at our meeting!

We had our witch Ai Ling as our grammarian, Bryan Han as our Ah- countant, and Steven as our timekeeper. We also had 2 new comers today and they were Bakeerthy and Savitha from Tar College. We hope to see them in the future meeting. All in all, I believe we all had a great  Halloween meeting!


Mei Foong


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