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Meeting on the 6th October 2010 (as reported by our able Blog Reporter, Mei Foong).

Attendance: 15 eager Toastmasters!


We had our dinner before we started our meeting around 7.15pm. In today’s meeting, our general evaluator was our beloved president CC Richard Yeow. He started off by welcoming everyone to the meeting and we all had a short session of introducing ourselves.

After that, the meeting was taken over by Jerusha who is the Toastmaster of the Evening. We had a special table topic session as the table topic that day was not like the ones we usually have. Our Immediate Past President (IPP), Ai Ling,  introduced and explain this unusual table topic session i.e asking questions non-stop based on the scene given.

It was based on the popular American game show ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’ Everbody took part except our table topic evaluator (Yi Hoong) and our table topic master (Ai Ling).


Watch this FUNNY, FUNNY video to get a better idea!





We all had great fun and enjoyed the session very much! The best female participant for this session was Vicky and the best male participant was Steven! How wonderful is it, that they are new to Toastmasters?? It simply goes to show, that there is nothing to fear in public speaking, when your training environment is supportive and FUN!

Next, we had a short break before we came back to the Prepared Speech session. Dinesh was the sole speaker for that evening and he is currently attempting his Advanced Manual (Speeches by Management). He did a great job, but there is always room for improvement. That’s the Toastmaster spirit! We keep getting better every time.


As for that role players, we had Wai Ling and Bryan who were attempting the roles as a ah-countant and timer, for the first time. They did very well! Not forgetting our new friends, Vicky, Dayana, and JJ who also enjoyed the meeting. All in all, we really had a marvelous meeting, filled with laughter and warmth!!


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Next meeting is on the 20th October 2010, and its HALLOWEEN themed!!


Come as your scary/charming alter ego! 😀



Sincerely scary,



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