Installation Night 2010-2011!

Our Installation ended with high note on the 27th August 2010. Congrats to all the organizing committee leaded by Jerusha & Richard for successfully organizing this event. I’m sure under both your leadership our club will soar higher.

It was really an eventful evening. Everyone came in early to prepare the venue and ensure everything was in place. Everything went on smoothly until 30min past 6pm, when suddenly, the music amplifier couldn’t work; and your beloved SAA just realize that she has left the gavel at home.

However with TM spirit, we did not panic, instead we immediately found ways to improvise…. the gavel was substituted by the hammer….

As for the amplifier, the restaurant started fixing it….

Hmm… at this point of time… I was wondering… Should we continue our special performance without the music?
And again, the toastmasters spirit told us… Yes, we shall continue.

The event started almost on time with almost all the VIPs reaching before 7.30pm. Our lovely Co-Emcee of the day, Mei Foong started with singing Rasa Sayang and the crowd responded well, singing the lirics together with her. After a short welcoming note by both Desmond Foo & Mei Foong, we proceeded to the most awaited session— “Food”, which was delicious! Thanks to Maharaj Restaurant, Jalan Gasing.

At about 8.30pm, the amplifier was still not fixed. This was the moment… and we decided that the show had to go on…

Desmond, with poise introduced the Special Performer… The Belly Dancer to the hall… She was swaying her body with beautiful dance movement, but unfortunately, she could not follow the tempo of the music as it was too soft….

I was beginning to panic, but nothing could be done. Hui Pei immediately took the laptop forward. Thanks girl, the condition did improve but the music was still too soft to create an impact.

With God’s Blessings, suddenly, the music amplifier was fixed and Victor ran all the way to connect the laptop to the amplifier and Wala…. the whole atmosphere was brought up…

Everyone was clapping and cheering and was watching attentively at the performance…. Hwew… What an excitement.

After the performance, our CIMA Malaysia Divisional President, Mr Francis Chan came forward for his inspiring welcoming address followed by our Area Governor, Han Lee Hwee with his encouraging words.
Then…. it was the moment that all EXCOs waiting for…. the discharge…. Hwew… finally I can pass on the baton…
After the 2009/2010 EXCOs was discharged, the new team was installed…. Ouch… I was again installed… with new responsibility… the SAA….Now I need to take care of your stomachs…

Then, it was the lucky draw time…..

Followed by the speech by IPP…. which is none other than yours truly…. Thank you for all the commitment & dedication you have put in to bring our club to again achieve President Distinguish Status… this is a proven record of how Toastmasters has successfully transform us into a better speaker, leader & person. Thanks you so much.

Again, there was another round of lucky draw.

After the lucky draw, Richard, the President came forward to present his Presidential Address…. He, as usual with his high energy and conviction shared his plan and aims for the new term. A token of appreciation was then given to yours truly. Thanks for the IPP plate. Some of the Division officer got jealous of that….

The event moved on with the presentation of best Attendance & Toastmasters of the evening Award. The President, again proved his commitment by winning both the Awards….  Congrats Richard.

Then… its fun time. A few members, Sean, Richard, Hui Pei & Jerusha volunteered to practice their Vocal Variety… Singing Rasang Sayang and Burung Kakak Tua. It was great fun to see them singing in high pitch…. Perhaps we need more of this training in future… Well done Mei Foong & Foo for the creative ideas. Then, was the time for Limbo Rock…. Everyone join in the fun…. testing their flexibility….

The event was then concluded with the final round of lucky draw, The Best Dress Award won by Victor & Jerusha and a token of appreciation to our Sexy Dancer…. Chiew Mei….

Once again congrats to all the committe for a job well done.

The lovely Toastmasters!

Ai Ling

~ by cimatoastmaster on September 15, 2010.

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