New term and greater heights!

Dear all,

Last night was the last meeting for the term 2009-2010. It was a great meeting with the theme of FIFA. Yes, we all have the World Cup fever! We  really had a wonderful time, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. The table topics session was very interesting with questions like, “If you were Ronaldhino, what would you do with all his money?, ‘Do you think football is stupid?’ etc. Kudos to Michelle Yip for coming up with great topics! We also had 3 speakers, who were Yi Hoong (KPMG TM member) who attempted her maiden speech or ice- breaker speech. She did well in my humble opinion, as she was creative with her introduction. She threw a question at the audience by asking us what we would like to know about her! How very unconventional! Someone (read: Victor) asked for her age, and she deftly said it was a no-no question.. Funny and unconventional, wonderful start Yi Hoong!

We also had Michelle giving her 4th speech today, How To Say It, with a familiar sounding title, i.e. Friends. I immediately thought of the television show series, ‘Friends’. She too went on to tell us how important good friends are in our lives and that no person can live without a friend. In fact, she stated, friends are the most important element of our lives after our basic necessities and family are taken into account. That means money ranks lower than friends! Of course it ranks lower, wouldn’t you agree? Great job Michelle. 🙂

And our 3rd speaker was our dear Richard, who delivered his 9th speech of the CC manual, ‘Persuade With Power’ with the title “Say yes to organic”! He enlightened us on how important it is to live organically, and it doesn’t mean just eating organic fruits and vegetables. In means living an organic and holistic life. Therefore no more late nights (I shall strive to reduce this), no more junk food, no more binge eating, and of course MORE exercise! A topic close to my heart, so naturally I was persuaded. 🙂

Here’s a picture of most of us who were there (click on the picture to enlarge) :

Two important details to note are:

(1) We started on time AGAIN! Good job everyone!, and

(2) We have achieved 1 1/2 DCP at last night’s meeting itself! This makes up our total DCP of 8 1/2 points in total! We will be achieving the final 1/2 point by the end of this month. 😀

During Ai Ling’s closing address, I could tell that she was a little sad.. But don’t worry dear, it’s time for you to aim for bigger roles now! I say this because you have been an excellent president and a role model for all of us to emulate. Thank you for all that you have done.. 🙂

Who are the incoming EXCO members, you ask? Well, ask and you shall receive, 😉

Position Name Title E-mail Contact No.
President Richard Yeow CC, CL 012 – 325 2359
VP Education Jerusha CC 017 – 205 2278
VP Membership Lee Mei Foong TM 012 – 937 5857
VP Public Relations Sean Khor TM 016 – 539 9693
Secretary Leong Soo Qi CC 012 – 441 6652
Treasurer Parasakti ACB, CL 019 – 227 2593
Seargent-At-Arms Cheah Ai Ling ACB, ALB 012 – 523 5667

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