Accountants’ Meeting (CIMA+MIA+EY+KPMG+DKC+PwC)

Ahh the much awaited Accountant’s Meeting.

If you’re an accountant/accountancy student and also an avid Toastmaster, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve been in Toastmasters for 2 and a half years, and yet, it never fails to surprise me with fresh new agendas. But I’m getting ahead of myself now. For those still in the murky darkness of cluelessness, fear not as The Explainator is here! ( excuse me while I enjoy a superhero moment) 😀

This meeting was momentous as it was a joint meeting comprising of not 1, not 2, not 3, but SIX clubs!! They were CIMA, Ernst & Young, Delloite KC, MIA, PwC and KPMG! And to make matters more interesting, we had members from 3 different divisions! That’s right, members Division P, B and W were there! My goodness.. Hats off to the competent and VERY BRAVE Organizing Chair, DTM Meyya. And of course, if he had done it single handedly, that would seriously make him the superhero! Hats off too to the entire Organizing Committee who worked hard to make this meeting happen.

As an aspiring accountant, I was really looking forward to this meeting and I was not disappointed. Let me guide you through the agenda of that evening. The theme of the meeting was Chinese New Year. The belle, in my opinion, was Ai Ling, as she came in BEAUTIFUL pink cheongsam! She looked so lovely.. 🙂 And the prince was none other than Victor, who suddenly had braided hair, dressed in a striking red samfoo. Well done guys, I hereby declare that you two were the best dressed that night!

Meyya, the Organizing Chair started the meeting off with bright and fresh start, as he kept us very entertained. He had us give everyone around us a big HIGH-5! That really got everyone motivated and raring to go. Now we all know accountants are definitely not square. And no, we’re not boring either, thank you very much. We also had many guests that night, not from the accounting fraternity, so good on Meyya to take the time to explain the origins and aims of Toastmasters International.

Like all Toastmaster meetings, the Table Topics session was one that grabbed everyone’s attention. People nervously looking around, praying for some brave soul to volunteer ( myself included). Awkward silence, as the Table Topics Master stands with her fortune cookies, awaiting her next victim. Okay, I do know I’m exaggerating. But bear with me, for I honestly admire those who has the gumption to volunteer. Yup the topics were in fortune cookies, so even the Table Topics Master had no idea of what the topics were going to be.  I have to say we had some very, peculiar topics.. Ha ha! We had 1 volunteer from each club and by the end of the session, my face ached from smiling and laughing.

The assignment speeches were just as great. We had speakers from all the clubs involved. How rarely does one get to see speakers from 6 different clubs in action? We even had one speaker completing her 10th speech of the Competent Communicator manual. She definitely got the standing ovation she deserved!  Plenty of pictures were taken by yours truly and of course, the lovely Joyce.  Be sure to go for the next Accountant’s Toastmasters Meeting, it’s definitely worth your time. The opportunity to mingle and broaden your horizons are truly limitless. You never know, you might find the answers to some of your dilemmas, whether in your work place or student life.

I noticed plenty of good things at this meeting, but there were some things I thought which could be improved, if ever another joint meeting were to be held. The first is, the setting of the meeting room was not very conducive. The pillar in the middle of the room did not allow full viewing for the audience seated at the back or the corners of the room. Perhaps in the next meeting, a more spacious room with minimal obstructions could be acquired? Another thing was the timing of the meeting. I guess everyone was too excited and wanted more as it only ended at 10.30p.m. The scheduled meeting end was 9.53p.m. That goes to us, as well, CIMA Toastmasters, let’s continually work on improving our time management! An excellent thing I noticed was an addition in the agenda. The objectives of all the assignment speeches had been included at the back of the agenda. I’m sure it made more sense to the 1st time guests who were present. Overall, it was a fantastic meeting!

On a different note, have you paid your Toastmasters subscription yet? Do so quickly, or risk getting into trouble with our very able treasurer, Mei Foong.  😉

Feast your eyes! ( I’m attaching Joyce’s facebook link, so as this post does not get way too long. Just copy and paste this link on your browser!/album.php?aid=54770&id=1344292360

and all the photos are there! )

Take care and may you all achieve your half yearly goals!


~ by cimatoastmaster on March 6, 2010.

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