International Speech & Table Topics Contest!

Hi there everyone! I hope you are well and ready to read another account of our club’s activities.

On the 27th of January 2010, CIMA (M) Toastmasters Club had our International Speech and Table Topics Contest!! Our Organizing Chair was none other than the lovely Joyce. Like I said in previous post, I was confident she was going to do a great job. My vote of confidence has certainly paid off well, for the contest was a fantastic success!

Before I tell you how the meeting went, allow me to introduce you to the role players of that evening.

Chief judge:  Bill ( from KL Advance Toastmasters club, Thanks Bill!)

Contest chair ( International Speech): Jerusha

Contest chair ( Table Topics):  Soo Qi

SAA 1: Justin ( Thanks Justin!)

SAA 2: Vicky (Thanks Vicky!)

Ballot counters: Michelle and Nicole ( Thanks ladies!)

Timers: Lukrieza and Jess ( from Unitar, thanks ladies!)

Now, on to the events of the evening. Firstly, we had the International Speech Contest and as contest chair, I was so nervous! You see, it was my first time. But I wasn’t too worried for I had company. That’s right, Soo Qi and Joyce too were first timers at their respective roles. As I recall now, I have to smile. The 3 of us were really quite frantic that night, especially Joyce. And I remember, I kept saying ‘Improvise, improvise’! All the last minute finishing touches.. Phew! We made it guys!!

The International Speech contest started off with Ron being the 1st contestant with his speech title, “Oh so lucky”. A very interesting title indeed. We were kept wondering, but then he cleared our wondrous minds. He talked about his experiences of being a climate advocate and also his participation in the climate change talk (COP 15) at Copenhagen. He proceeded to tell us that we Malaysians should start thinking like we belong to a first world country for we are surrounded by opportunities that of the first world standard. We should be appreciative and consider ourselves lucky, when compared to other third world countries. We are.. ‘Oh so lucky!’ Well done Ron!

Our 2nd speaker was Victor with his speech title ‘ A cat has 9 lives’. Another attention grabbing title. He continued to entertain us with his stories of how he seems to have miraculously escaped many accidents. (TOUCH WOOD everyone!) I know we should have been counting the number of times, but I lost track after the 3rd great escape story. Victor, being the ever jovial ’36 year old’ really kept the audience hanging to his every word. Great job Victor! Hope the year of the Tiger brings you all want.

Our 3rd speaker was none other than our demure Madam President, Ai Ling. Wait! Demure?? Well, let me tell you guys, she came to the meeting with a SWORD! Yup, you read right. An honest to goodness dangerous looking sword. Her speech title was ‘ Changing a mistake into victory’. She started her speech with a martial arts stunt. Yup, you read right. It was a Wushu stunt, to be very apt. She related to us, of her dream to represent Malaysia in a the Wushu art, but made a big mistake during the a competition and lost the chance to do so. She inspired us by saying that a mistake can always be viewed in 2 ways; as room for improvement, or as just a plain mistake. Of course she convinced us that we must view all our mistakes and failures as mere areas for further improvement that will lead us to being better people. Fantastic Ai Ling! Not that demure after all huh.. Never judge a book by its cover!

The winners were….. (drum rolls) 2nd runner up: Ron, 1st runner up: Victor and the grand winner was our martial arts princess!

The table topics came up next, with the title, ‘No pain, no gain’. We had Emily, Andy, Ron, Beng Hock, Victor, Ai Ling and Richard take part. I could tell you all their various opinions but that would make the post INREDIBLY long. So it would suffice to say that, most of them agreed and gave their various personal experiences to prove this famous proverb to be true.

The winners were…. (more drum rolls) 2nd runner up: Emily, 1st runner up: Richard and the grand winner was Victor!

Congratulations to all the valiant winners! You guys continue to inspire me. All the best at the Area level competitions. Wow them! Photos coming up soon! Stay tuned.


~ by cimatoastmaster on January 29, 2010.

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