A season of joint meetings and contests.

Well well, it seemed like just yesterday that it was 2009. Now January 2010 is soon coming to an end. How fast time flies! But for all Toastmasters, I’m pretty sure with all the practice we get in planning, our time has been put to good use.

Our first meeting for this year, started off with spirit and flair. We had a great joint meeting with KPMG Toastmasters club, with the theme ‘New Beginnings’. Indeed, the meeting was very productive  for all of us.

I will let the pictures do the talking, for a picture paints a thousand words!

For all the pictures in this post, we have to thank our dearest Mei Foong for her photography expertise. Thanks dear! 🙂

( put your cursor the photos and you will see the captions, thanks! )

Just recently, we had our first joint meeting with the Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Toastmasters club. The meeting in my opinion, was a joyous riot! Everyone’s facial muscles must have been aching after all that laughter. The theme for the meeting was ‘CHAMPION’. We are all champions when we start viewing failures as mere stepping stones to a HUGE success. I, personally, have very bad stage fright and so the Table Topics session is like a nightmare that faces me everytime I attend our meetings. But I’m going to conquer that fear, for I have realized that there is nothing to lose but everything to gain. Yup, losing face and feeling embarassed are consequences that are almost certain, but then, that’s just a small price to pay to achieve excellence. We are champions when we take the first step towards conquering our fears.

We had the meeting at TTDI’s venue that is at the Women’s Insitute Management (WIM). The food was excellent, the people were wonderful company and we had a crowd of 32 people! CLAP CLAP! I think the attendance speaks for itself. Two observations that I made at this meeting was the fact that they had a Rhetorical Master. It is simply someone who focuses on noticing sentences which have rhetorical devices in them. They will also give ideas for incorporating rhetorical devices in sentences that they’ve heard throughout the meeting. Another role player was the Blog Reporter. Now that’s pretty creative, don’t you think? I think at each meeting, someone else takes up this role. So everyone gets a chance to hone their writing skills. Pretty innovative.. Oh yes, there were also whistles and clapping devices! Ha ha ha.. I’m going to try and get those for our club. I find the more noise made during a meeting, the more exciting it becomes! People loosen up faster, participate more readily and laughter becomes infectious. 😀

Next up are our contests! We’re having our International Speech and Table Topics contest on the 27th of January 2010 and I think everyone is buzzing with excitement! Our organizing chair is none other than our dear Joyce, and trust me, she’s going to make this contest a huge success!

Will update with photos and other interesting things after the contest. Till then, be a champion.


~ by cimatoastmaster on January 23, 2010.

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