CIMA (M) Toastmasters Club 7th Installation Night!

Dear fellow toastmasters, just 2 days ago, we had our 7th installation ceremony for the new Executive  Committee members for the term 2009/2010. What a memorable evening it was. For those who, unfortunately missed it, worry not, as I shall do my best to walk you through the events of that night. Read on! 🙂

As soon as I walked into GEM restaurant, located on Jalan Gasing, I could already feel the anticipation. Maybe it was just those pesky butterflies in my tummy. You see, I was one of the emcees’ for the night, along side with Ron. I didn’t want to make any mistakes at such a important event. But as I climbed the steps up to the hall where our event was about to be held, I immediately started to relax. Why? Well, I was greeted by my lovely and cheery fellow toastmasters. Everyone was very busy, going through the final touches and preparations but the ambience of teamwork was practically ringing in the air. I knew then, everything was going to be fine. I have such supportive friends around me, and that was simply very reassuring. At the registration, Mei Foong was in charge and boy, was she doing a good job. She took down our names, informed us about the Lucky Draw competition and gave us door gifts. All this done with a ready and genuine smile. Well done, Mei Foong.

At 7.30p.m, our VIPs started coming in.  We would sincerely like to thank all the VIPs for gracing our special night. Thank you so much…

CIMA Malaysia Divisional President Mr Chandra Mohan Balasubramaniam and his lovely wife, Vimala.

Divisional Immediate Past President, Mr Michael Eow Kwan Hoong.

Divisional Past President, Mr YC Lee.

Divisional Honorary Secretary, Mr Yeo Tek Ling.

Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Mr Francis Ng.

Area B2 Governor, YB Datin Jacinta Pasupathy, ACG, CL.

CIMA sponsor, DTM Mr G.Sivalingam.

Ron and I, being the emcees for the night, started off the evening by welcoming everyone and we also told our guests the story of the great Dr. Ralph C. Smedley. I’m sure many of our guests appreciated the introduction about Toastmasters as many of those present that night were not Toastmasters. Oh but I didn’t tell you about the theme of our night did I?? Well folks, the theme was WORLD DRESSING!  That’s right, everyone was dressed up in the colours of the world. Our organizing chair, Joyce was dressed in a very pretty black and turquoise Vietnamese outfit. Ron was a Malay man for the night and he looked very cute in his purple Baju Melayu. Soo Qi was also dressed as a Vietnamese and she looked so pretty in baby blue. Mei Foong too was in a purple but she was not a Malay girl. She wore a Punjabi suit! And she looked so pretty. Sharmini looked gorgeous in beautiful green baju kebaya. Dinesh came as thorough and pure Indian. He cut a dashing figure in his white embroided  kurta. Not to mention, his shawl also provided great entertainment to all of us! 😛

Richard came as a breezy and sunny Hawaiian. Yup, he wore Bermuda shorts, a bright orange floral shirt and comfy sandals. Andy came as a Balinese prince. He had the headgear and even a shawl, traditionally called the ‘ulus’  which he also got from Bali. He certainly made an impact with his outfit. Dear Victor, came as a cowboy! And we were all taken in by his Yee hahs! It was so much fun! Amidst us, we also had a queen. She was none other than Queen Sakti. Yup Sakti came dressed regally as a queen and she looked very elegant indeed. And last but not least, our dearest Madam President, Ai Ling, wore  a beautiful red saree. She looked absolutely gorgeous and she carried herself very well despite all that material wrapping around her.

Now back to the agenda. I just had to tell you what everyone wore. It was simply too good to leave out. The photos will be up soon. 🙂 so after the introductions made by Ron and I, it was time to tuck into all the good food! The food was named so creatively by Sharmini and Sakti.. I’m still trying to figure out what’s African Q. Yup that was the one of the names of the food. But my absolute favourite name was the Siren of the Syrian Sea! It was fish curry, folks. But gosh, what a name huh? There was also Hennaed Malaysian Bride a.k.a Tandoori chicken. Creative huh? *clap clap*

After the sumptious dinner, at around 8.30p.m, it was time to proceed to the next agenda on the programme. First up, was the speech given by CIMA Malaysia Divisional President, Mr. Chandra Mohan Balasubramaniam. It was a very motivating speech and he mentioned that maybe someday, CIMA will have a Divisional President who was also a Toastmaster. Hmm, now that’s an interesting thought.. Next, another inspiring speech by our Area B2 Governor, YB Datin Jacinta Pasupathy. I’m sure every toastmaster in the room felt very motivated to better themselves and achieve bigger things in their journey as toastmasters.

At around 8.50p.m. it was time for the main and most important agenda of the night. The installation of the CIMA(M) Toastmasters Club Executive Committee for the term 2009/2010. YB Datin Jacinta was the one to install us. We accepted our roles and responsibilities and made an oath of excellence with the gavel in our hands. It was quite a solemn ceremony and I’m sure the new committee members are very serious about doing a good job this term. Madam President, we shall achieve all our goals this term!

After the installation had taken place, we were all kept glued to our seats by yet another calm, collected and inspirational speaker. It was none other than our dear Immediate Past President (IPP) DTM Sharmini Helen Ariaratnam. This pretty lady in green said that she was ‘recycled’ because she is currently the Seargent- At- Arms for this new term. Well, Sharmini, we would just like to say, we love you very much! Without you, we would have never achieved such a strong club. Thank you! *hugs* We will certainly strive to continue pushing the club to greater heights. Immediately after her speech, a few crucial awards were given out. Sharmini was the one who delivered these awards. The awards were the Toastmaster of the Year (TOY) award and the Best Attendance award. Both these awards were won by our dear Madam President, CC, CL, Cheah Ai Ling! What a shining example we have to emulate. Congratulations Ai Ling!

Soon after she received her awards, it was finally time to hear from the lady herself. At around 9.30p.m. it was finally time to hear from our Madam President for the term 2009/2010. This pretty lady in a saree was indeed the star of the night. The one thing that about her speech that really made an impact on me were the words ‘It’s ok, it’s alright. I may fail now but I’m still going to be alright’. She also mentioned that she was formerly from an all Chinese speaking background and she could not speak English very well. Who would believe that of the young lady who was wowing us with her speech at that time? Clearly this shows that she is one who believes in continuous improvement and she will never de-motivate all those who mix and work with her. She is indeed a gentle, firm and effective leader and I can’t wait to work with her some more. Ai Ling is just another living testimony that the Toastmasters programme works marvelously in developing leadership and communicative skills.

Ai Ling then presented to an Appreciation Award to our dearest IPP Sharmini Ariaratnam. There were plenty of photos taken, so worry not, I shall update this post as soon as I get them. It would certainly great to see these 2 power ladies in a picture together, right guys?

At around 9.40p.m. the control was passed on to the Games Master for the evening, Soo Qi and her assistant Richard! Initially she was pretty nervous because we didn’t really get to have a rehearsal for the games. But, all her fears were put to rest as the games session was a huge success. There were 2 games played that night. The first was in line with the choosing of the Best Dressed person for the night. So, the top 6 best dressed people were called out to the stage. They were Andy, Victor, Joyce, Dinesh, Ai Ling and yours truly. Then, Soo Qi started quizzing each of us and we were all asked to perform spontaneously! Oh my gosh, I was first and I had to dance Indian style! So shy… But I managed to pull some dance moves. 😛

Then it was Joyce’s turn to perform and she had to sing! She did so very gamefully and luckily Soo Qi didn’t insist on her singing in Vietnamese. After Joyce it was Ai Ling’s turn and she had to propose to someone in Tamil! Richard was grinning from ear to ear. It was so funny but because she didn’t know how to speak Tamil, she went through the whole motion of picking a suitable groom from a pile of pictures. No picture met her expectations and when she finally reached the final picture.. Well, she didn’t have much of a choice then did she? Haha.. Madam President was so funny in her antics. The next to perform was Dinesh who had to sing in Tamil. But he gave it a twist and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in a very Tamil song way. He seriously kept us in stitches throughout his performance. Andy was next, and he had to dance Balinese style! And boy, he didn’t just give us Balinese . Nope, he did a little break dance for us too! Way to go Andy!

And last but not least, it was Victor’s turn. He had to provide directions to someone. The twist was that both the person asking for directions and Victor wouldn’t be able to understand each other. Our sponsor, Sivalingam, gamefully stepped in to play the part of the person asking for directions. It was so so so funny! At one point, Siva and Victor just looked at each other and blinked their eyes in confusion. Then Siva started talking in Tamil and Victor was all American cowboy. So you can imagine the funny clash of languages! It was hilarious. I’m sure the audience really enjoyed themselves being entertained by such funny acts. And the best dressed winner for the female category went to….. Ai Ling! As for the male category, the winner was…. Dinesh! Congratulations once again!

The next part of the game was where Soo Qi just posed some pre- planned questions to the audience. The ones who could answer, well, received a prize! There were some of us who sportingly scurried to the front to answer the questions and claim the prizes. It was really so much of fun and laughter indeed. Great job Soo Qi and Richard! You guys are the best!

Throughout the night, the were 3 rounds of the Lucky Draw competition. The best prizes were kept to the very last round. I can safely say that everyone who came that night, went home as winners. We had so many prizes to give away and it was all thanks to Sharmini, Victor and Emily! Mei Foong and Mei Yee were indeed very lucky that night as, each of them won 2 air tickets to Redang Island and Tioman Island respectively. Yours truly also won a 3 days, 2 nights stay for 2 people at the Swiss Garden International Hotel in Kuantan. I’ve never been so lucky at Lucky Draws! 😀

All in all, it was a great night! Everyone worked hard and we made it a success together. Teamwork all the way! It was my first time attending an Installation night and I just have to say, it was a fantastic experience. Take care everyone!


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