New Beginnings.

Yesterday, the 1st of July 2009, marked the 1st meeting whereby the new committee  members for the term 2009/2010, rolled into action. The moment I walked into the CIMA office at sharp 7pm, I noticed that many had already arrived before me. Clearly, this punctual start seemed like the perfect indication of a great term to come. The energy was very good and everyone was happily chatting and catching up with each other, all while enjoying the cake and fried rice, provided by our new Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA), Sharmini. Thanks Sharmini! 😀 Another aspect that marked a great start. Yes, food makes a difference, come on, we’re Malaysians, don’t deny it! 😛

At around 7.20p.m, our meeting started, led by the soul of our meetings, the Toastmaster of the Evening( TME). Our TME for last night was none other than Richard, also our newly elected VPE. Our newly elected Madam President, Ai Ling,  delivered a most warm and genuine opening address. She clearly told us that her aim for this term is to achieve greater heights and of course, to achieve the Distinguished Club status. So everyone in the club, committee member or not, do pay heed. We have a clear goal this term for our club and I’m sure with the supportive and dynamic system that we have, achieving this goal should not pose much of an issue. So let’s go for it everyone!

Our first main agenda for the night was the Table Topics session, led by Ai Ling, was very interesting. This is because, she did not come prepared, and so it gave her too, a chance to think up random topics off the cuff! How clever, I thought. She did, however, keep her topics around the theme of Hobbies. Our 1st volunteer was our very own Andy Ching, with the topic, ‘Who is your favourite actor?’. Now we all know what to get Andy for his birthday. Harrison Ford DVDs! 😀 The next brave soul was Sharmini and her topic was ‘What is your favourite book?’. We also know now, what to get Sharmini for her birthday, The Lord of The Rings series! Well, I certainly want to read Tolkien books now. That’s proof enough of how convincing Sharmini can be in 2 minutes. Dangerous person! Kidding kidding. Our 3rd volunteer, was yours truly. Yes, me! I was so nervous, but I thought, “Seize the opportunity lah!”. My topic was “What is your favourite past time?’ Phew. That was pretty easy for me, as I certainly have a hobby which I love and that is reading. So I managed to pull through, despite my small squeaky voice. Haha, hope someone can help me train to speak louder and clearer. Moving on, our 4th speaker was Mei Foong! Her topic was ‘What is your favourite sport?’. She very frankly told us that she doesn’t really like any outdoor sports and prefers indoor activities. Hey, indoor activities are also sports! There is Snake and Ladders, Monopoly etc. Hehe, sports also right. Brain muscles being used, so there! Finally we had our 5th speaker, Jimmy. His topic was ‘What is your favourite food?’. His all time favourite is Wan Tan mee. Why? Because his family has a Wan Tan mee shop. Drool. His next favourite is Nasi Lemak and he particularly the Nasi Lemak being sold at a restaurant in Bandar Sunway. His description of the sambal… was practically merciless. Drools some more. Well, with his audience drooling away after his vivid description of such delicious food, it’s no doubt that he emerged as the Table Topics winner for the night! Yay Jimmy!

Our humour master, Hamid, was really so funny. Hamid, our General Evaluator (GE) for the night, DTM Lum Woon Foong, had nothing but praises for you. You left early, so hopefully you’re reading this and getting the feedback that she had to offer to you. She said you were a very interesting and creative humor master. She thoroughly enjoyed your jokes. We did too! She did have a suggestion for you to improve in being a humor master in upcoming meetings. You tend to put your hands at the back while talking and this, she felt was abit too formal a stance as a humor master. I didn’t notice that at all, I was too busy laughing at how “good, kind and responsible”, we accountants can be!

Our assignment speakers for last night was Dinesh and Joyce. Dinesh, being the 1st speaker, attempted his 5th project (Your Body Speaks) of the Competent Communication manual. His topic was titled ‘Kindness’. He did a really good job and I’m sure many of us are now thinking of donating money or even time to those who really need it. It was great that he had a take home message for the audience and that is, to be a kinder person to everyone around you, and not just to your family, friends and loved ones. Well done, Dinesh. Our next speaker was the confident Joyce, attempting the Technical Presentation project of her Advanced manual. Her presentation was on Risk Management. I was very captured by her speech, due to her high levels of enthusiasm. She made us believe that Risk Management is a very exciting topic and explained to us, step by step, of how to go about managing a company’s risks. Very well done Joyce. Perhaps, you can work on your timing abit better for the next speech. We are looking forward to more speeches by these 2 talented speakers.

That is a summary of the main agendas of the meeting. Now, some random observations that I made.

Our timing was marvelous. It was simply too good to be true. But true it was, we actually finished early! Let’s keep it up folks.

For the Table Topics sessions, as our GE mentioned, it is better to have simpler topics so that the newer members do not get intimidated. I felt Ai Ling did a great job at the impromptu topics. They were simple and sweet and yet allowed us to get to know our friends on a more personal level.

We had such a pleasant surprise when Jithesh, one of our Charter members joined us last night. He has just returned from Melbourne, Australia and he brought delicious chocolates for us! Also, the food was yummy, thanks Sharmini!

At the onset of the meeting, we did not have our timer’s coloured flash cards and this would definitely make the Timekeeper’s job a tough one. Thanks to our ever able VPE, Richard, we improvised with white sheets of paper with the names of the colours written on them. That’s quick and efficient thinking for you!

Oh, due to the current A(H1N1) epidemic, there was a bottle of Dettol hand sanitiser that was being liberally used by everyone. So, there you have it, health conscious accountants! I had a slight runny nose last night, but not to worry folks, I’m all ok now. It was just due to exposure to a very dusty environment earlier. 🙂

Our installation night has been confirmed to be on the 31st of July 2009 at GEM Restaurant, Bukit Gasing. The theme will be ‘World Dressing’. Let’s dress up as Greek princesses and new age African tribe lords shall we? Just ideas folks. Hehe. Don’t panic. It’s going to be loads of fun! The tickets will be sold at RM10 for CIMA Toastmaster members and RM35 for non CIMA Toastmaster members. Very affordable, so bring lots of people to the party. Walk in guests are welcomed.

So there you have it guys, do let me know if I’ve missed out anything. I do not want to be in hot water or even hot soup! Yup, the idiom for the evening was ‘Hot Water’. How creative, kudos to our Grammarian, Sakti. There were photos taken by Jitesh and I will update this post later with them. See you all on the 15th of July 2009 for our next meeting. Take care guys!


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