Mother’s Day

Hey everyone, 

Just 2 days ago, we had our delayed meeting (due to the exams last week) and the theme was Mothers Day! 🙂

The more the merrier is what we always say. Well, our meeting was certainly very merry as we had so many guests! Richard has certainly made my job easier as he has written a delightful and accurate write up on the happenings of our very interesting meeting. So i won’t re-invent the wheel. 😉

Here is his view of our Mother’s Day themed meeting :

Happy morning fellow members,

Yesterday we had a great meeting with the theme, Mother’s Day.
The meeting started at 7.30pm with our lovely TME, CC Ai Ling asking the audience what does mother’s day meant to them.


Due to the special request sought by our Mama, the meeting continued with 2 advanced assignment speech presentation.
We have 2 advanced speakers doing their Advanced Manual on Special Occasion Speeches, Project #4 “Presenting an Award” and #5 “Accepting an Award” at one go.
CC Ai Ling had presented an “Area Governor of the Year” Award and our Mama, Sakti gave her appreciation speech after accepting the award.
This is hardly found in any other Toastmasters Meeting and, even our honourable GE DTM Sivalingam was amused with the presentation! 

Too bad for those who miss it. haha. 

The meeting continue with evaluation from D’Utama President for Ai Ling and Area Governor W4 elect for Sakti! Wow!

We had a delicious dinner after the speech and continued with the Table Topic Session and evaluation.
Ron, Mei Foong, Suman, Joyce, Siva had excitingly volunteer themselve as Table Topic Speakers and Siva became the best table topic speaker for the night with his short and inspiring speech, “loving yourself”.

One of our member have did her maiden speech as well yesterday.
What a touching story shared by Mei Foong about her late father.


Jerusha presented her assignment #5 Your Body Speaks and shared with us her truest friend…. her mom!
She had managed to touch the audience with her story and became the Best Assignment Speaker!

The meeting carried on evaluation which is very important to inform speaker on their strengths and weaknesses.
As usual, Victor always give his evaluation in a very positive way and motivating.
We have Joyce in giving her Maiden evaluation as in her new CC title to Jerusha. 
She is very detail in evaluating Jerusha speech. Wow! A very different Joyce when she transformed into CC!

And the best evaluator is none of other than our ACS Victor Cheong!

The meeting ended at 9.45pm.

Indeed,  it was a great meeting. I would just like to add a few things that really made me think that night, after the meeting. Our General Evaluator for the evening, DTM Sivalingam made some very precise and insightful suggestions about the way we prepare our speeches. He said, every project speech that is attempted must include a ‘take home’ message or in other words, it should inspire the audience to see things in a brand new perspective. When he mentioned that as one of the rooms for improvements, it struck me that, there were very few of us who actually instilled a ‘take home’ message into our speeches. Most times, and i’m guilty as well, we just narate our personal stories and experiences. But we stop at that. The ‘take home’ message may be there but it stays very vague. At the moment, our audience is the supportive ones of the Toastmaster fraternity and no matter what, they will listen to us and hear us out. Take home message or not.

But in the big world out there, our voice may be ignored. So we must instill the ‘take home’ message factor into our future Toastmaster assignment speeches. This will hone our skills to make everyone out there sit up and take our viewpoints seriously. We must inspire our audience in a concrete and solid manner. 🙂

Here are some pictures! 






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  1. Top notch blogging Jerusha. Way to go!

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