Revitalising Challenge

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Theme:Revitalising Challenge.

Date: 10 July 2013

Attendance: 16

On 10 July 2013 is the beginning of the new term. With a new beginning, one must always take time to rethink and take the challenges ahead. Therefore the theme for the meeting is “Revitalizing challenges.” Trough out life, challenges is always looping around but we need to constantly revitalise ourselves to face the challenges ahead.

The meeting start at 7:27 pm, which is 3 minute earlier than our meeting. Drum roll, being a always Malaysia Time club, this is significant improvement and I believed all of us will preserves to make a new habits.

The club presentation speech is our newly elected president, Desmond Foo. He told us every new term is a new challenge and we need to revitalise to face challenge ahead. However, every time we reface the challenge not as new but more experiences. Kudos to our president who set a fiery mood for the meeting.


Next is our TME who is our VPE, Jerusha take over. Being charming lady, she detail explains the conduct the meeting. She set a safe environment and yet able to keep the fire set by our president to continue the meeting with fire and passion to learn.


The table topic master Vicky set an editorial based table topic where our speaker play the role of bring an editor column. The brave editor include Victor whose topic is on a worker who had been retrench, our guest Adrianna on work at home, Soo Qi on reader whose parent ask to find boy/girlfriend , Pek Yee on feely guilty cause people treat you nicely and Desmond on Career Ruth. Each editor had answer question in logically yet humorously way.


Our table topic evaluator is the president Bryan from Help University, who give his first table topic eval

uation. Even though his 1st time, yet he give lik

e a pro speaking of the strong and point of imp


rovement for every ed



Our humour master is our club Victor Cheong, whotickle our bone with his recent publicity on promoting his company in youtube.


After a short break, hence start of the prepared speech section. 1st is our guest form Help University Toastmaster Jocelyn. Her speech is Competent Communicator project 4 How to say it with the title “Say Cheese”. Her speech teaches the importance to smile within instead for giving a fake smile, how does she solve her problem with smiles and importance of starting the day with a smile. Her cheesy speech makes us entertain with smile.


Next is your truly with the speech of advanced manual storytelling , Project 2 “Get Personal” with the title “ Adventure of M.A.D”. My speech is about a camp during college in Dusun Eco, Pahang and how Mr H who encourage me to finish the task ahead.


The final speaker is Hui Pei who is long break on her advanced manual the speech to inform, project 1 the Speech to inform. Her title is on “The Nutritional Guide to Healthy Living.” She shared on the stuff she passionate at, which is nutrition. She also compares the older generation and current generation living style. It was very informative and educational.


Next up is our GE all the way from Sunway University college toastmaster, the second V Victor Ong to conduct the session.

Our list of evaluator includes Desmond, Victor and our area governor Ron who fly all the way form another club installation. Each gives insightful feedback and truthful improvement to make our speaker to strike to reach better of ourselves.

Our core evaluator, Grammarian , Hui Pei, Ah-countant, Soo Qi and time keeper, your truly, perform diligently and take down the task been given.

Our GE, Victor Ong who gives an very insightful feedback and share with us his passion of being toastmaster. He so passionate that he counts his day of being a toastmaster and every role he plays before. This is something that everyone must learn to gain more of the toastmaster session.

Our meeting end with the closing address form our president Desmond and award is given.

The award as following:

Best Table Topic: Adrianna

Best Speaker: Jocelyn

Best Evaluator: Ron

Hence that all for our 1st 2013/2013 term meeting and hope to see you soon in next meeting.




Day Raya di Day Malaysia

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Written by Jerusha

As Malaysia is a country rich with many cultures and festivals, we, at CIMA (M) Toastmasters always make full use of each festival to celebrate at our meetings. It definitely spices up the atmosphere of the meetings and fosters better appreciation of the beautiful cultural diversity in Malaysia.

On the 5th of September, the theme of of the meeting was “Day Raya di Day Malaysia”. A unique phrase coined by none other than Desmond Foo, ever capable Mr. VPE.

It was an evening filled with the colours red, blues, yellows, whites and greens. Yes, we were celebrating our country’s Independence day and also Hari Raya Aidildfitri.

Yours truly was the TME and I was a little nervous and very excited. Nervous because the first half of the meeting was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia (BM), to keep in the spirit of the theme.  Even though I had a speech prepared, there were still fumbles as I had not spoken fluent BM for almost 6 years! Thankfully, I was amidst an audience who were almost as nervous as I was.

But this not deter us one bit. We all helped one another out if we were stuck for Malays words whilst speaking. Our rusty BM vocabulary was made up for by plenty of humor, laughter and encouragement throughout the evening.

The first session of the meeting i.e. the ‘Sesi Topik Spontan’ was handled by the “BM expert”, Desmond Foo. We had 7 volunteers who didn’t need much coaxing to take up the challenge of speaking off the cuff in BM. Desmond used excerpts of patriotic and Raya songs as topics and posed a related question to the speaker. Very creative, indeed! In fact, Mr. GE, Lim Thian Seng was very impressed and said he will use the the same concept in his club too.


Of the 7 speakers, some were very fluent with the language and some struggled a little. But as our Miss TTE, Sharmini summed up beautifully was that everyone tried and that’s whats important! The winner of the ‘Sesi Topik Spontan’ was Mr. President himself, Ron, who wowed us like a true politician with his 2 minute impromptu speech about Malaysia.  Perhaps, one day we will really see him giving speeches to the entire nation? 

The  2nd and 3rd session i.e. Prepared Speeches and Evaluation sessions were conducted in English. Phew, back to the comfort zone! Funnily enough, many of us kept speaking in BM to each other!

We had 2 speakers for the night who both hailed from Sunway University Toastmasters. 

Our 1st speaker was Andrew, who attempted CC #2 Organize Your Speech with his speech titled “The Power of Music”. As music knows no boundaries and appeals to most people, his speech kept the audience very interested. He told us of the many ways music could affect our moods,  feelings and even our productivity at work. He was clearly a ‘Rock’ fan and told us many interesting facts about the subtle messages in rock music.

Zheng Lin, a Sabahan, was the 2nd speaker, attempted CC #7 Research Your Topic with his speech titled “Behind the Curtain”. He was clever enough to get us thinking about stage curtains but what he had in mind were shower curtains instead! As a Marketing student, he was very persuasive and definitely caught our attention. I’m sure some of us has since tried out the Scottish shower method with all of its promises for better health.

The evaluation session was a very productive and enlightening one as well. As they always say, ‘Evaluation is the breakfast of champions’. I’m sure we all learnt many things that evening especially about the usage of BM. A day may come where we may need to speak in BM, in front of a crowd. At least we can reminiscence back to this meeting and remember the various evaluations and rooms for improvement.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for coming, and helped make our ‘Day Raya di Day Malaysia’ themed meeting a success!

Another great meeting is just around the corner i.e. 19th September 2012, 7.30p.m at:

Lot 1.05, Level 1 
KPMG Tower 
8 First Avenue, Bandar Utama 
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan


Make sure you do not miss it!!  

Theme of the day: Learning

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At our 2nd meeting in the new term, the theme “Learning” was very suitable as we learned many new things from the moment we walked into the new meeting room till the time the meeting ended. For starters, for those members who never ate with their hands before, we learned to eat with our hands or with cucumbers.

Next, Yoke Pheng who was Toastmaster of the Evening, had a different way of welcoming the guests. She had all the members stand up and go around shaking hands with our guests. I bet our guest felt very welcomed to be in our meeting that day.

This was followed by the Table Topics Session where the topics was from profound quotes by famous people around the world. Soo Qi who spoke about being the pilot of our time emerged as the best table topics speaker.

After that, we became students once again with Desmond being our General Knowledge teacher during the Humour Session. With so many enthusiastic students picking up their hands, I believe many of us passed the subjects. The funny answers also got us in stitches.

After the break, it was time for the Prepared Speeches session. The first speaker is none other than Lim Thian Seng who shared with us about his toastmasters journey. How he went from being a timid boy to the  person we know today. He also gave us some advice at the end such as “nobody can become me, except me.” And encouraged us to be ourselves when giving our speeches. He also told us to be careful with what we dream because all the time it will come true. In his case, he dreamed of having a magic pill so that he can be good at speaking in public and that magic pill came in the form of Toastmasters.

Following that, we had Ryder who joined the club in April and has now completed his 3rd speech. We learned from Ryder the right way to eat fruits. Facts that not many of us were aware about. Did you know that if we want to lose weight, it is advisable to have fruits before our meals so that we can feel full faster? And did you know that it is not good to consume too much fruits? Although fruits are low in calorie, consuming too much would be cause the calories to add up. Furthermore, if we only eat fruits, we will have deficient nutrients in our body.

The last speaker is none other than me. I told a well-known childhood story,  “Bluebeard” which about a wealthy man with a bluebeard who killed his wives shortly after marrying them.

Overall, the best speaker went to Lim Thian Seng. Well done!

This was followed by the evaluation session. We had a great team of evaluators led by GE, club sponsor Siva and they all gave very profound evaluation. The best evaluator went to Soo Qi. Congratulations, Soo Qi  for taking home not 1 but 2 awards that night.


Next meeting: 1st August, same time, same place. See you there!

Humour & Evaluation contest: 29 August 2012 (to be confirmed)

See you next month!


Introducing the new exco

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Dear fellow members and readers,

As we bid goodbye to the exco of 2011/2012 whose term ended on 30th June 2012. Let’s say hello to the new exco whose term starts on 2012/2013. They are (drum rolls please):

President: Chironjit Das 

VPE: Desmond Foo

VPM: Ryder Mah

VPPR: Vicky Pang

Secretary: Leong Soo Qi

Treasurer: Victor Cheong

SAA: Sin Hui Pei

Assistant SAA: Sharmini

IPP: Leong Soo Qi

After several joint meetings due to some renovation work going on at CIMA office, I’m looking forward to seeing the newly renovated CIMA office at our next meeting 18 July 2012.

We already have 3 very eager speakers who will be giving their prepared speeches next Wednesday. They are none other than Ryder, Vicky and Jerusha. 

I also received some good news from our VPE. Our club has already achieved 1 DCP point so far and we’re only two weeks into our new term. We earned 0.5 DCP because 5 of our exco members attended the TLI last Saturday and another 0.5 DCP because we submitted the new exco list on time.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our next meeting and have a great day!



21st March 2012 Meeting + New members’ formal induction ceremony

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Hi fellow readers and visitors alike! This evening meeting has very lively with bustling attendance of up to 28 members and guests and five enthusiastic speakers took part in the prepared speech marathon!

Desmond The Englishman took up the role as the TME and his strings of  jokes really made the whole meeting so vibrant and refreshed albeit the long run of tonight’s marathon. We have DTM Tham Chee Wah as the bubbly GE and DTM Dr Devi Menon & CC Aaron Lee, the President of KPMG Toastmasters, guests from TARC, UiTM joining us making tonight meeting a very wholesome one.

The first speaker, or runner in the marathon Vicky Pang told us a tale of a giant named Arthur and his gang of celebrating giant-friends and the origin of the chair in Edinburgh, Scotland as a result of Arthur the giant throwing the gigantic chair during his party when he got a little tipsy. Her folk tale was made impressive with colourful usage of vocal variety and body gestures and kept us all entertained.

The marathon went on with Kenneth, our guest from Monash TMC actually did his running back and forth during his speech when he eloquently shared the story of two mice from the book Who Move My Cheese that metaphorically represents the need for people to change and respond to change. His suaveness won the audiences’ approval to be crowned the Best Speaker of the night, good job!

Mei Yee came next with presentation for CC project #8: Get Comfortable With Visual Aids and this time she got all of us drooling, literally with a good researched topic of Instant Noodles. The one part of her presentation that left a deep impact within me was the sludge alike yellowish water leftover after boiling the instant noodle that I merrily consume all the time while making my 2-minute meal. Guess I better throw away the water next time!

The fourth marathon runner of the night was yours truly presenting my Advanced Communication Speeches by Management project #3 that aims to persuade and inspire the audience. Taking the role of HR Manager of a fictional organization my aim was to introduce the concept of 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, inspire my fellow fictional work mates to take up this initiative and persuade them to 3R actions.

Lastly came Shereen presenting her Advanced Communication Interpersonal Communication project #2 – The Successful Negotiator. Shereen with her collaborative partner Mei Foong has demonstrated the essence of a good negotiation (with hint of ‘taking care’ of the needs of people you need to negotiate with), not recommended people, so don’t try this out at work!

The new member of the family - (from left) Samuel, Afiq, Ryder

At the conclusion of the speech marathon, a special and historical event took place where 3 new members; Samuel Ding, Ryder Mah Wai Hoong and Afiq Hamizan took the oath of new members and was formally inducted as member of CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club. We are looking forward for a fruitful journey of learning and sharing with them to become a better speaker and leader.

Members and guests enjoying the good speeches

Until then, it was time to call it a day, the marathon has been exhilarating and fun and everyone went home that night feeling more learned and experienced than before. Until then take care and see you in the next meeting!

Steven Yong

7th March 2012 Regular Meeting

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Cheerful participants for the night!

By: Steven Yong, CC

It has been a long while since the blog is updated so when I checked the archive of CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters blog (blowing away dust *coughs*), the last entry on regular meeting was 3 months ago! That certainly does not mean the club has not organize any meeting ever since. Somehow I have mustered the strength to write on a refreshing blog entry for the 7th of March meeting after a long long hiatus from blogging.

Despite the shortage of club members, the meeting brazenly went on well albeit some adjustment to the agenda to accommodate the unforeseen shortcomings. However the plus point for tonight was having four gracious ladies from Crystal Toastmasters Club joining us for the meeting where 2 of them would be giving their CC speeches later.

The meeting started with yours truly as the acting Assistant SAA to call the meeting to order.  CC Lee Mei Foong delivering the Club Presidential Welcoming Address representing CC Soo Qi who is unable to join us due to heavy workload.

The meeting order has been slighted tweaked to allow ACB, CL Michelle Yip from KPMG Toastmasters to proceed with her Successful Club Series presentation on Mentoring as she could not stay with us throughout the whole meeting. She purposefully delivered the presentation and benefited us with the purpose and advantages of mentoring and how it could provide an enriching learning experience for both the mentor and the mentee. Unfortunately the presentation is cut short due to the 10-minute time limit or it would have been more insightful to see the whole presentation. Michelle was evaluated by ACG Tan Saw Bee from Crystal Toastmasters and being a veteran in Toastmastering, Saw Bee evaluated Michelle constructively and praised on her usage of anecdotes while presenting and provided critical feedback and piece of her wisdom (the word of the day!) to fill in the gaps for a better presentation.

Came next was our TME, Vicky Pang and she handled the introduction with a round of introduction by everyone in the floor and briefly talked about the history of Toastmasters. Vicky has been gutsy and MC-ed the rest of meeting with little if no sign of trepidation. Good job Vicky!

Next comes the much awaited Table Topics session led by the TTM, Mei Yee and she managed to steal everybody’s (including the speaker) attention with a set of topics that are tongue twisting, such as “It’s better to want what you have than to have what you want” for ACB, ALB Richard Yeow  (always the first volunteer for TT in our club!), while Vicky shared about “If you have a time machine, what will you go back and change?” and she firmly say NO to the time machine and prefer the way things have unwind for her for that make her who she is now. ACS Victor Cheong sung about Money Money Money and all the things that one can do with and what money could not do like buying could love, such a catchy TT by Victor indeed! Our guest Grammarian CC Steven Koh of KPMG Toastmasters gave a try on “Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worse” and entertained us with stories of great inventions that came as a result of people wishing to know or else we will still be living in stone age and lastly yours truly got a somehow easier topic of “Behind every successful man is a woman, do you agree with that?” and I would definitely agree that the best woman that has been all the while behind the string of my successes is my mother!

Our TT evaluator of the evening was ACG Saw Bee and she delivered a well rounded and hearty evaluation to all the TT volunteers and provided much wisdom for us to improve on our speech.

After the break session came two ladies from Crystal Toastmasters presenting their Competent Communication speeches with Tammy Lim presenting her speech project #7 Research Your Topic and her speech added extra aroma to tinge our sense where she presented to us “Coffee Speaks”. I must say that her speech makes me feel so awake despite feeling like dozing off after the break earlier. Tammy researched her topics well and presented to us trove of information regarding to making a cup of good coffee and ways of preserving its aroma. Little did I know that coffee is best drunk in a cone shaped cup until this evening.

The last speaker of the night shared with us about a much feared disease called dementia. Jennifer Pan even went as far as showing us a simple exercise that we all will mostly dismissed as a joke or trivial things; the finger-on-the-ear and squatting move. (Sounds familiar anyone, back in the primary school?) All of us are invited for this exercise and it was truly an eye opening session!

The General Evaluator took over the meeting after the prepared speech session and this evening we have a guest from MAS Finance Toastmasters ACS, ALB Emil Anthony and the speech evaluators ACS Victor for Tammy and ACB, CL Parasakti for Jennifer presented their evaluation and feedback for the respective speakers, followed by Grammarian Steven Koh, Ah-countant Richard and Timer Rick Sim of Faith Toastmasters with their reports.

Lastly Mei Foong presented Emil from MAS with a token of appreciation and the best Table Topics speaker is announced….drumrolls…..the best TT speaker is Victor!!

Victor also has something for the ladies tonight when he gave out chocolates during the refreshment session, a small gift for the ladies as tomorrow is the International Women’s Day, that was so kind and sweet of Victor!

Well the meeting has approached its end and after having good speeches, great fellowship and chocolates (for the ladies) it was time to bid adieu and see you all in the next meeting on 21st March where we will be having a prepared speech marathon! Wow I cannot wait for that meeting to come!

As usual, take care and cheers!

International Speech and Table Topics Contests 2012

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Good day people! On 15 Feb 2012 CIMA (M) Toastmasters has successfully held the International Speech and Table Topics Contests. That night has been seen club contestant, senior and junior members alike bedazzled the audience with their impressive speeches and courageous attempt at the Table Topics.

This year contest has seen tremendously good respond from our club members where FIVE contestants are vying for the coveted title of Club International Speech Champion and SIX contestants will be contesting for the Table Topics contest.

The evening contests successes are made possible by a team of dedicated committee members lead by our beloved VPE CC Mei Foong with credits given to the role players as follow:

International Speech Contest Chair:  Vicky Pang Wei Qi

Table Topics Contest Chair: Sharon Lee

Chief Judge: Lim Thian Seng ACG, CL (Area B2 Governor incumbent)

Ballot counters: Mei Yee & Yvonne Loke

Timers: Lewin Ganesaratnam & Samuel Ding

SAAs: Rick Sim & Anna Chin


Million of thanks for all the role players for their efforts in making the contest a huge success for a good contest is only as good as the people who are running the show behind the curtains.

The contests took place in the CIMA Council meeting room (much grandeur setting!) as the normal venue was occupied for CPE training conducted by CIMA Malaysia, however the contest started to pick up pace and the heat of such an exhilarating contest is clearly felt by the audience, apart from  the fact that the air conditioning system is gradually shut down as the contest progresses leaving everyone basked in the heat of apprehension for the next contestant to impress them!

As role players, contestants and audiences begin to settle down, Vicky and Sharon gathered the contestants and briefed them the rules of contests with balloting for speaking turns being conducted as well. I must say that being a first timer in both the International Speech and Table Topics contests sure make the imaginary butterflies in my stomach jitter crazily looking for exits. Seeing all other contestant busily preparing before the briefing did heighten the tense in the air, they all seems so serious! Well, serious to perform their best and charm the audience with their vocal prowess.

The International Speech contests officially begins with the first contestant, ACS Victor Cheong shared with us the beauty of life and how this gift should not be taken for granted as the little ones deserved to live. Victor being an eloquent speaker charmed us with various trademark gestures that include climbing on the table as an attention grabber! Next our Madam President CC Soo Qi spoke to us about a long time friend that she shared the joys of playful time and good days growing up with and never fails to called her, “Yo! Soo Qi” whenever they met. The inspiring story shares with us the spirit of friendship that transcends race and religion. Indeed a beautiful anecdote and it reminded me of memories of having a true 1Malaysia friend back in the younger days.


The third speaker who is yours truly came on stage and started plucking an imaginary flower and pondering upon decision by the all known cliché of ‘left or right petals’ and shared with us about the how plans sometime go about themselves no matter how well we planned it and yet beautiful things emerged from the unexpected detours. I am actually relief to see some of my attempts at humour managed to loosen the strangulating air of such a tense competition among the audiences (Maybe I could give a shot for the Humorous Speech contest next year, double fingers crossed).  Moving to the fourth speaker, CC Chironjit mustered everyone attention with his resounding voice and a speech about channeling negative thoughts such as envy to become a positive motivation to succeed  in life and how one manage to change the world with curiosity. The final speaker CC Hui Pei spoke passionately with a flair of an experienced speaker and charmed the audiences and judges alike!

All the contestants spoken with flair and suaveness that really have all the judges scratching their heads awarding marks to determine the best speaker!

After the much needed rest came the much daunting and exhilarating Table Topics session. The 6 contestants that bravely took part in this two-minute stand up impromptu speech and they are CC Hui Pei, TM Vicky Pang, CC Desmond Foo, ACS Victor, CC Chironjit and yours truly. The title sounds like this, ”To Be Or Not to Be, What Can You Learn From this Quote” or something similar to that title.  All the speaker has performed well and they are on par with each other in terms of quality of speech and charmed the judges in only a mere 2 minutes, kudos and congratulations to all of you!

With that the IS and TT contests are officially over and a short break comes into place while waiting for the panel of judges to conclude the winners. The organizing chairperson CC Mei Foong took the opportunity to thank the role players and judges and presented them with certificates and a token of appreciation specially prepared in conjunction of the recent Valentine Day; a heart shaped pillow! Wow, certainly the club is full of love tonight for all!

And the moment that we all waited for finally arrives…

The winners of the 2011/12 CIMA Toastmasters International Speech & Table Topics Contests are…

International Speech:

Champion:  Leong SooQi
1st runner up: Victor Cheong
2nd runner up: Chironjit Das

Table Topics:

Champion: Sin Hui Pei
1st runner up: Victor Cheong
2nd runner up: Vicky Pang Weiqi

Congratulations to all of the winners! The contests have been a fierce one where all the winners and contestants alike never fail to charm the audience with their speech. And extra congratulation to Soo Qi for her triumph in the Area B2 International Speech Contest held recently where she emerged the Champion! Woooott!! All the best and may you fly the CIMA Toastmasters Club flag high in the Division level Contest on 24th March 2012 in the HELP Institute!

In the meantime, take good care people!

Signed out,

For more photos, please visit our Facebook site at

Chinese New Year themed meeting

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

As Chinese New year was just a week away, our Toasmaster of the Evening (TME) ACS, CL Sakti organised a Chinese New Year themed meeting where the dress colour of the meeting was red. The meeting was indeed a prosperous meeting as the Acting President mentioned that not only were the Immediate Past Presidents at the meeting but the Chartered President, Area Governor and Club Sponsor were present as well.

After the introduction by the TME, ACB,CL and our club Chartered President gave his Invocation speech. In his speech, he gave us hope. guidance and direction to make this year a dynamic year for Toastmasters. Moreover, he encouraged us to enjoy ever meeting and also to visit other clubs and for our two guests from UPM to join Toastmasters. He also added that with action there will be results. At the end of his speech, I feel motivated to complete my Competent Communicator Manual by the end of this year.

This was followed by the Table Topic Session conducted by ACB, ALB Cheah Ai Ling where the topics revolved around Chinese New Year such as favourite Chinese New Year food, how has the Year of the Rabbit been to them and so on. During this session, we do not only hear how CC Ron usually spend his Chinese New Year as he doesn’t celebrate it but also from the employer point of view, where ACG, CL Lim Thian Seng talked about the problems he faced as an employer with his creditors and debtors as Chinese New Year approaches.

After the break, ACS, CL Victor Cheong gave a speech from the Advanced Communicator manual titled “Where Leaders Are Made”. His speech gave insight about Toastmasters such as the courage to speak in public. He also shared how he grew to become a good speaker and that through Toastmasters where there are people to point of suggestions for improvement and to give feedback. He also added that there are 3Ps in being a good speaker. The 3Ps were Prepare, Practice and Present.

If you would like to ask effective questions and get the results you want, we have a workshop for that and it is happening on 25th February 2012, Saturday at our usual meeting venue. The speaker for this workshop for is Amy Wan who has been a trainer for more than 20 years. For more information or to purchase tickets please contact our President, Leong Soo Qi or VPE, Lee Mei Foong.

Hope you had a awesome Chinese New Year celebration and see you at our next meeting on 1st February 2012.


Chinese New Year themed meeting

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Hello again!

We will be having a Chinese New Year themed meeting this Wednesday, 18th January 2012. Same time, same place. 

Theme: Vibrant & Festive

Dress colour: Red

See you there and Gong Xi Fa Cai!



First meeting of 2012

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Happy New Year everyone!

At our first toastmaster’s meeting of the year, our president CC Soo Qi started the meeting by wishing everyone a happy new year and introduced the guests which were DTM Leong Oi Wah, who was also our General Evaluator for that meeting, from MAICSA Toastmaster Club and Priscilla, who was one of our speakers from Faith Toastmaster Club. Then, she spoke about making new year’s resolutions and asked the audience thought-provoking questions like what were we last year? what would we like to be this year? and what would we like to achieve this time next year?

After that, our TME CC Chironjit got everyone to introduce themselves and also mentioned that the club was 8 years and 6 months old. CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club was established on 4 June 2003.

This was followed by the Table Topic Session, where ACB, CL Andy was the Table Topic Master. During this session, 6 brave souls came forward to speak. The theme was on colours. We had unexpected questions like “What colour would you choose for your bed?” as well as unexpected answers, for example, Victor who would like to paint his car rainbow colour and our guest Cheng Kiat who would like to paint his room purple. The best Table Topics Speaker goes to ACS Victor Cheong. Congratulations!

This was followed by the humour session. CC Desmond was asked by yours truly before the meeting started if he could be the humour master and he agreed without hesitating. He even managed to come up with 5 jokes and managed to get the audience laughing. Well done!

After the break, I gave my fourth speech from the CC manual and talked about my greatest fear, which is the fear of ghost. I started with telling the audience what I fear, followed by how this fear cripples me and ended my speech with how I overcome this fear. The next speaker was Priscilla from Faith Toastmaster Club who gave her fifth speech from the CC manual. It was very courageous of her to give her fifth speech outside her club for the first time. A feat that I would not even dare to do yet. Her topic was “When You Are Short Of Something.” She started with telling the audience her love for sports movie. This got us thinking of the sports movies that we watched like Jerry Maguire etc. Then she went on to add how these movies could inspire and motivate us. Like in the movies, the star player might get injured which is akin to setbacks in life. But we need to show endurance and patience to succeed.

Despite not having less than the usual numbers of members at the meeting, the meeting was still able to run smoothly and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. Now for some announcements:
1. Our next meeting will be held on 18th January 2012.
2. Our International Speech and Table Topics Contest will be held on 15th February 2012. Please inform our VPE CC Mei Foong if you would like to take part.

See you at our next meeting at our next meeting and to all our members sitting for their final exams, all the best in your exams!